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Happiness over stress!

Thank you for your interest in my work. I love encouraging people to make the most of their opportunities and achieve their goals in life. Please read about and support the work of Forte, Charity for Inspiration in Africa, which was awarded the African Philanthropy Achievers Award in the youth development category, and celebrated our ten year anniversary in October 2018.


As someone who has had to overcome many challenges in life, as shared in my first book Fortitude, I am passionate about encouraging people to keep going despite their challenges. My inspirational books are available from this website, Amazon or other book retailers. Feel free to email me your comments using the contact page here or directly to


I am a GP (General Practitioner/family doctor) with a special interest in mental health. My book, Life Without Coffee (Choosing Happiness Over Stress) is a self-improvement book for anyone that wants to do better and reduce stress. You can also read more of my writing/articles on my blog here and on my social media pages. Please like my Facebook page -, follow @AAkanet on Twitter and Instagram, to see photos and keep in touch. My latest book, 2020 Year of Plenty, is also available on Amazon. Thank you for your support.





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Watch this space for news on the paperback release and book signing soon.


Reviews of 2020 Year of Plenty:

“A record of the real-life experiences of one medical family as the novel Coronavirus, emanating from Wuhan in China, slowly embraced the whole world.  It is often amusing and sometimes poignant in its detail of her days in the 'new normal' and very surreal world into which we were all suddenly plunged!” - Paul Sheffield

“I expected a book about 2020 to be all doom and gloom, but was surprised to find myself laughing out loud at times."

- Dr. Anna Nguyen (GP)


“Afiniki is not only a talented mother and professional, but an eternal feel-good optimist. If anyone is going to see the good in 2020, it is going to be Afiniki.” - Trish Adudu (BBC Presenter)


“This book is a very interesting read, and one which I am sure will be of great interest to school students in a couple of generations time” - Margaret Greenway

“There’s no doubt that 2020 will live in all of our memories as a year like no other!  But what have we learned through it? And what can we take away, moving forward?  Have a read of one reflection of not only what was lost this year, but also what was gained.”  - Diane Rickard


You may have heard Afiniki presenting Pocket Wisdoms on Premier Praise Radio. Please email with any requests for Afiniki to speak on topics she normally writes about. Advance notice helps in planning and fitting your request/event, if it is something Afiniki can attend. You can also request for copies of her printed books to be made available to delegates after the talk, if needed.

Afiniki has spoken at charity, library and other community events, church programmes, educational institutions, health events and medical programmes. She has also given her 'Choosing Happiness Over Stress' and 'Telescope' talks to organisations such as the multinational Duetsche Bank, Warwickshire Police and Warwick Medical School. You can also find her guest blogs on Afiniki's talks and blogs are designed to inspire, uplift and motivate. The Telescope Hour talks have been designed to help organisations and work teams refocus, following changes related to the Covid19 pandemic. These talks can be arranged by email booking to, and can be delivered in person or via Zoom/Teams.

Check out the Happiness Over Stress Youtube channel to see inspiring content and readings from Life Without Coffee. Thank you!