Telescope Hour

The full effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are yet to be fully realised. We experienced changes and lockdowns we never imagined in 2020, causing us to reflect on our lifestyles and work. Some organisations have now developed hybrid working, while others encourage working from home. Balancing the impact of such policies on employer and employee needs has not been easy. We have also seen an impact on the mental health of employees and the strength of teams, after long periods of working with social distancing, which has worsened feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and low self-esteem. Research shows that happy people are more productive, so it is in the interest of companies to support employee wellbeing at this time.  


Dr Afiniki Akanet, as an experienced professional and working mother, has developed a package to help workers find their focus and drive again after all we have been through. It is like looking through a telescope to adjust your vision and perspective in these tough times. Her experience as a General Practitioner (GP/family doctor) has given her the privilege of insight into so many people's challenges, and her special interest in mental health has motivated her to help people in their workplaces before they end up on sick leave and needing professional help. Afiniki (Niki) is the author of Life Without Coffee (Choosing Happiness Over Stress) and Money & Mental Wellbeing. The Telescope Hour package is tailor-made for each company/team to motivate, inspire and re-energise staff.

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