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If you have lived anything more than eighteen years on this planet, you will know from experience that life is full of decisions and choices. Transition into adulthood gives us the freedom to come out of the shelter of protective parents/guardians and make our own decisions about life. Whether it is about university, jobs, careers, relationships, marriage, having children, raising children, where to live, whether to buy, whether to invest or how to save - there are so many choices with so many different outcomes. As with a man at the start of a maze, our vision is limited. We can do our best to learn more and make informed choices, but there is only so much information we can have at the time of making a decision. There is always more knowledge with hindsight. It seems to me that a higher perspective will be very beneficial for doing well in this maze. If only we knew someone who knows the end from the beginning, if only we knew someone who knew all the possible outcomes, if only there was an all-knowing guide to walk us through this maze... How many decisions have you taken and regretted after seeing the outcome? How many more will we make and regret? Is it all about trial and error? I guess some might choose the easy way and just stand still in the maze to avoid any disappointment or failure. That's not really my style. I want to forge ahead, better and better every day. Surely this means that there will be wrong turns, rough roads and even times that feel like I am having to go back to square one! Is it worth the risk? That's a very personal one, isn't it? If the prize or goal is worth it, surely we can find a better way to navigate this maze more safely. Common sense tells me that someone looking down from above will be the best person to guide me through. He can see the dead ends and shortcuts from that view, when all I see standing in the maze are walls and doorways. If I am very clever, I could find a way to sit on one of the walls and see a bit more of the layout than my fellow maze navigator, but that will definitely not be as good as having direction from someone who sees it all. If there really was someone who sees it all and is able to guide me through this maze, I would trust Him completely and follow every instruction He gives, even when it does not make sense, because I know He can see the full picture and is leading me safely out to glory.

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