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The Kindness of Encouraging Others

It was a Saturday morning when a boy named Jeff was on his phone watching a

YouTube video titled - “How to do the worm dance”

“I need to learn how to do the worm before the trip to Little Marlow on Wednesday.”

Jeff said to himself as he got down on the floor and started practising.

Three hours later:

“Okay, I think I'm pretty good at this dance now.” Jeff said to himself as he wiped his

face of sweat.

The next day – Sunday:

“That was a nice church service.” Gabriel said to Jeff.

“Yeah, it was. It was really nice to see people our age dancing in the front with

everyone cheering them on.

“I want to be just like them - I’ve been practising the worm since yesterday to impress the others.”

“Oh, really? Could you show me?” Gabriel asked.

“Sure.” Jeff agreed as he went down to the floor and started to do the worm.

“Amazing! That was great, Jeff!” Gabriel started to applaud loudly, “When we are on

the trip to Little Marlow with our school, try to do the dance. I’m sure everyone will be

impressed and will cheer for you.”

“Really? You think I did good?” Jeff asked anxiously.

“Of course. It was cool to see you do the worm.”

Hearing those encouraging words from his best friend filled Jeff with so much

confidence and happiness. It gave him the courage to practice even more and do

the dance in front of all his peers.

Three days later:

“Jeff! Jeff!! Jeff!!!”

The whole crowd chanted Jeff’s name as he got in front and started to

do the worm.

This time, not only Gabriel, but everyone around was cheering and applauding Jeff for his amazing worm dance.

Later that day:

“See,” said Gabriel, “I told you that you should do it.”

Jeff smiled and earnestly said, “I’m really indebted to you Bro, thank you for

encouraging me - thank you!”

Gabriel smiled, wrapped his arm around Jeff and rubbed his head, “Don’t worry

Bro - anything for you.”

The Moral of the Story:

Encourage and motivate people – you never know how much your kind words

can help them.

By Konyinsola Ayoola-Johnson (K.A. “NC” Johnson), 17 years old

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