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King Henry VIII

Henry VIII was an English king and was the second son of Henry the VII (imagine having the same name as your father!) and was born in Greenwich on the 28th of June, 1419. His mother was Elizabeth of York. Henry VIII was famous for having so many wives (six!). In this article you will find out about his wives, what he did to them and so much more.

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine was Henry's first wife. Henry wanted a son to take the throne after him, but Catherine failed to give him a son and birthed a female, Mary I. Henry didn’t like this and wanted to divorce her, but the Pope, who was in charge of everything, even the king, did not allow him. So Henry made his own church (called the Church of England, which you can see today!) So now he divorced Catherine and married a new wife - Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn

Anne was Henry’s second wife. She got married to him in her late 20s. But this section ends here, because Anne was accused of committing adultery and got beheaded (Owww!)

Jane Seymour

Beautiful Jane Seymour was Henry's third wife. Henry loved her with all his heart. She managed to give him a son (Prince Edward) but she one day fell and died!

Anne of Cleves

Henry fell in love with Anne for the beautiful portrait he saw, but as soon as he saw her in real life, he cried, “She’s a horse!” and got another divorce.

Catherine Howard

Catherine married Henry when she was 23. she was accused of adultery and sadly got beheaded.

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was the last but lucky wife of King Henry. Henry lay on his death bed at just 55, and Catherine survived.

So to remember his wives, learn this simple tune:

Divorced, beheaded and died, divorced beheaded survived.

By Sophie Onilari (age 9)

Not fact checked, but impressive memory from school learning. Please click 'like' if you enjoyed reading this, to support Sophie to win a F.L.O.W. prize. Remember, anyone of any age can submit an entry via

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