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F.L.O.W - For the Love Of Writing

I have recently returned from a lovely family holiday in Greece, which had some beautiful views and beaches. I was able to really relax and unwind, because it was too hot to do much! I always like to see the blessing in every situation, and even though I hate being too hot, I appreciated being able to catch up on some reading by the beach and spend quality time with my family outside of our normal routines. A great holiday is also one that allows me to reflect and be inspired. I'm feeling ready for the rest of this year, in spite of the challenges and grief experienced in the first half.

I know many people will have had some tough experiences this year also, so I have decided to write again, after a long time, to reach out to those who prefer to read. You may have noticed that I have been doing weekly Happiness Over Stress podcasts recently, instead of my usual blog, due to time constraints with my current medical roles. I do love working as a doctor, but it is increasingly becoming a luxury to have time to write. As the author of Money and Mental Wellbeing, I am aware that the choices I am making for my career and finances are impacting on the time available for writing, so I am conscious about making adjustments that will help me to continue to enjoy my passions.

This week, I have enjoyed having more time to think about Forte Charity for Inspiration, which is celebrating 15 years of existence, supporting education in Africa. Looking back, I am so grateful for the support and donations we have received from people who have now become friends and family. I look forward to seeing many of them at our celebration dinner in a few weeks. It is so easy to carry on with life, doing the same things over and over again, waiting for the next exciting holiday or event, but it does not have be that way. This week I have been so inspired by children and their creativity. My nine year old daughter told me how I should have allowed her to bring her laptop on holiday because she finds writing relaxing. It made me think about so many other talented young people who have so much to say with no real appreciation or platform for it. This is why I have changed this part of my website to the FLOW blog, so that anyone (young and old) can send in their work to be considered for publication here, just for the love of writing.

As a writer, I know the satisfaction we get from others reading and enjoying our work, and would like to share that especially with young people who may be too young to publish in other ways. I plan to have support from experts to select which articles are posted here, and offer prizes to the authors of the most viewed/liked posts. If you know any writers who might be interested, or would like to start 'flowing' in this area too, please email your write-up to There are no rules/restrictions, you can write from anywhere in the world

- just write from the heart and to inspire others, whether it is through storytelling, poems or articles, we would love to see it. You just might be getting a prize from me in the post soon!

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