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I’m still smiling

How is it possible?

a wounded soldier marching

trying my best to do right by everyone

I am being pulled in every direction

death and sickness scare me no more

Who will miss me the most?

Thinking to myself

Trying to find rest

Weary of life’s troubles

Wanting to help others

Hoping for better days ahead

Have I lost my mind?

We keep going like robots

So much has gone wrong

Where do we find strength?

A world full of pain and suffering

What is this life?

(Now read from the bottom up)

Poem by Dr Afiniki Akanet (GP and author of 2020 Year of Plenty)

Inspired by Abdullah Shoaib’s poem, Pretty Ugly.

Dedicated to NHS heroes and keyworkers of 2020

#Covid19 #PsalmPlenty

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