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About Forte

FORTE, Charity for Inspiration is dedicated to reaching out to the young and less privileged, offering them hope and the motivation to work hard for a brighter future. We believe that greatness begins in the mind. By offering motivation and support, we help people think beyond their present difficult circumstances and aim higher. People can believe in themselves and work on their God-given talents to become the best they can be, without focusing on their challenges. When young people begin to think positively and realize that their choices today can affect their lives tomorrow, they will stay out of trouble and eventually become valuable members of society.


Above is a photo from our canvas presentation to the Coventry City of Culture team. The beautiful and symbolic painting was given to the Forte Charity team on a trip to Abidjan in April 2022 (video below) by a young artist for the youth of Coventry from Ivorian youth, after our motivational workshops in Ivory Coast. We help people by giving valuable advice/guidance and motivational talks/seminars. We provide motivational books and educational materials to young students and orphans in Africa who cannot afford them. Forte grants are offered yearly to African students in higher education, based on need, merit and available funds. Our beneficiaries include many medical students studying at the University of Ibadan, Kaduna State University, and students from other courses and universities in Nigeria. We also financially support schools/orphanages in very deprived parts of Africa to keep going and to be more effective in helping the children there, who are usually very keen to learn. We are grateful to our volunteers worldwide, especially the HELLO team in Ivory Coast. 

Forte supports book clubs to encourage reading, good attitudes and teamwork among young people. We give prizes to hard-working students to encourage them to keep up their good work. Our work has been helping many young people in Africa to improve their attitude to life and work hard for a better future for themselves and their countries. We believe that as citizens apply themselves and become people of integrity, we will see positive changes in Africa.

We have an annual Walk to School fundraising event, but you can DONATE SECURELY ONLINE ANYTIME via Justgiving

Forte was first registered as a charity in Nigeria in 2008. It became a UK charitable company in 2010. Forte raises funds internationally to financially support intelligent/hardworking young people whose academic progress is being hindered by lack of tuition fees. Whilst keeping our projects feasible and realistic, we believe that all our efforts will add up to make a great change in people's lives and prospects. We are very grateful to all our supporters and donors. Please contact us to find out how you can volunteer and/or support further.

Our 15th anniversary dinner on 02.09.2023 was a success and we are grateful for the amazing donors that supported us.









Let us work together to achieve more!

For more information, call or text +447582817413

Please email to sign up for updates.

Like Forte on Facebook to keep up with events and see more photos.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  

- Winston Churchill

FORTE is registered charity number 553355 in Nigeria and UK charitable company no. XT21186

FORTE CHARITY HSBC Bank Account No: 402908 - 32887797


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Forte Charity started language classes in England to help people learn more about Nigerian culture and languages. Our classes are for all ages (beginner stage) at weekends. You are welcome to attend a one hour class for a small donation to the charity at the door. Volunteer teachers/helpers are DBS-checked and welcome regular feedback. Email us to find out more!

Why WaZoBia classes?


  • Improve  people's appreciation/understanding of Nigerian languages

  • Socialize with others who have African heritage

  • Build confidence in (dual) identity

  • Learn more about African history

  • Make new friends and promote unity

  • Contribute to charity work and improving prospects for people in Africa

Classes stopped in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and trustees agreed to focus on other projects after restrictions were lifted. See videos below of Forte Charity projects in Kaduna and Abidjan. 

Forte Grants

Students, please email  to request a grant application form at least four weeks before the next academic session/term. Please note that you must already be registered on the course to apply for a grant. Copies of the application form may be available from your school office. 

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by phone or email. Grants will be offered to young people studying in Africa based on need and merit. The number of grants offered will depend on funds available to the charity. We also consider emergency requests for financial aid as funds allow. We do not offer grants for postgraduate studies. Wishing you all the best in your studies!

Messages from Nigeria

“I want to thank every member of Forte Charity for the grant awarded to me. It's really a timely intervention in my life when there seems to be no hope. Now I can pay my school fees, my accommodation fee and buy some textbooks for my studies. My dreams are back to life. With all gratitude, I say thank you again to Forte Charity.”

- J.O

“The children of the school are all in high spirits after the arrival of the desks and benches. Educationally, they are doing very good now - they are really improving very well. The whole village, pastor and his wife send their regards and profound thanks to you. The good Lord would continue to bless you and your team for such help to the future of this children. Thank you very much and may God bless you.” - Mr K

”My name is Harrison from Enugu State, Nigeria. I am happy to know Forte and more still to have participated in one of your seminars held at Gaskiya school, Kaduna. Let me take this opportunity to thank and commend you, all members and representatives of Forte Charity, for the initiative and efforts geared toward helping, encouraging and supporting the youth to becoming the best they can be. Keep-on with the good work!!"




Please support Forte Charity for Inspiration at


Forte Charity is making a difference one person at a time - changing mindsets and inspiring greatness. We keep our projects small to minimise administrative costs and ensure that all money donated reaches deserving people in need DIRECTLY.

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