Life Without Coffee
(Choosing Happiness Over Stress)​

First of all, this book is not about coffee!

If you have ever wondered how you can be more efficient and successful at work, or how to be more fruitful and happy in your everyday life, then this book is for you.

Dr Akanet shares, in her usual friendly and motivational style, how she handles her multifaceted life without coffee. What are her secrets?

FORTITUDE is a novel telling the motivational story of a young Nigerian student in the UK. It was first published in Nigeria in 2008 and is based on true events in Afiniki's early life. The novel has received several good reviews, especially in Africa, where it is read in schools and sold in bookshops. The paperback second edition was published in Nigeria in 2012.

A special keepsake hardback edition was published in the UK in 2019.

Taking CSA Tomorrow is a quick-read ebook written by a Dr. Akanet for doctors, although others can read it to find out what doctors talk about!

This book is the one to read just before the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) taken by doctors to become fully qualified General Practitioners (GPs) and members of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). A high-stakes exam like this often provokes a range of emotions. Taking less than one hour to read this motivational book will help doctors get in the right frame of mind to succeed, and move on to a rewarding career in General Practice. With so much truth and inspiration, this book can also provide the encouragement doctors need on other tough days.


“An excellent read to help settle nerves before sitting the dreaded CSA. Motivating and positive words!” - Dr B. Randhawa

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