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Happiness Over Stress (AHOS)

I started podcasting as a way to reach more people with ideas for reducing stress and protecting our mental health, so we can live happy and productive lives. After the release of my book, Money and Mental Wellbeing, I was encouraged by readers to do a podcast, so here it is! I have called it Happiness Over Stress, after my book, Life Without Coffee, but the podcast will not be based on any particular book. There is no fancy script, editing or music either - just real talk about life and living it well. Please listen and share any episodes you like. Older episodes will be deleted after a few weeks, so share quickly if you enjoy it. My family and medical work still keep me busy, but I have been releasing weekly episodes on Fridays. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. There is also a forum on this website to discuss content with other listeners, or just email me. Thank you for your support and contributions, as we continue to support each other to CHOOSE happiness over stress.

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BBC Interview with Phil Upton, Jan 2023

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